A fully integrated end to end solution for managing all functions of a General Trading Business

Trading ERP Implementation

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Enhanced safety within your business premise

CCTV, Security System Installation

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Hardware & Networking

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Supermarket Consultation

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Nila Tech Solutions

is an end to end IT solution provider, which provide all verticals of IT solutions like trading ERPs, CCTV, Security system, Hardware, Networking support and supermarket consultation. We provide only branded IT solutions. Our approach focus on new ways of business, combining IT innovation and adoption, while also leveraging an organization’s current IT assets. The highly experienced team of engineers, technicians, an advanced research and development facility to help, provide the best service and make Nila Tech Solutions an ideal partner in Product development. Nila Tech Solutions focus mainly on easy availability of service in all districts in Kerala, with experience, leadership as well as cost-effectiveness and up-to-date resources, creating high quality and high value products required for their future vision.

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We intend to create value, and empower all types of businesses by aiding efficient ERP solutions and to provide Branded IT solutions worldwide. We aim to provide highly capable and affordable enterprise ERP solutions and IT solutions, that enable the organizations to function, with improved productivity, efficiently, and at the same time provide good services at all times anywhere, for simplifying the customer experience.


Nila Tech Solutions aim to empower our clients to exponential growth and excellence by providing innovative products and solutions for their needs.


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Trading ERP Implementation

CCTV, Security system installation

Hardware and Networking Support

Supermarket consultation



We are mainly offering Fi-es Retail Max ERP solution for full software life cycle. There are 1000+ clients, among Maldives, Sri Lanka, UAE, Malaysia, India, Australia for last 27 years and more. After a product is released, we are available to the clients, providing ongoing services any time, scaling up rapidly to develop new versions. The end result is a superior product and increased profit for the client.